Le Régalis


Whatever your preferences, the Drôme Provençale will seduce you.

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Flâner You will never run out of places to visit.

First of all, start with discovering Reauville, village of the first French Soldier, its fountains, its wash house, its arched pathways and all its heritage.

Feel free to climb on the The Virgin’s stone from where you may enjoy the sightseeing. You will be able to identify all the different locations thanks to the tools providing over there.

At last, there is a final place you may want to go : The ‘Sabliere’ (Sand Mine): this mine still provides a base for finding shark teeth: fossil from 25 million years ago, when Reauville was under water.

Eventually and whether you enjoy walking, you may follow the path to Aiguebelle abbey.

Other activities : roaming in the other villages close to Reauville, amongst others Valaurie, Roussas, Chantemerle-les-Grignan, Clansayes, La Garde Adhémar et Taulignan (where the silk museum is located), or visit the castles around:
The Castle of Adhémar in Montélimar,
The Castle of Grignan,
The Castle of Suze-la-Rousse,
The Tower of Chamaret,
The Fortress ofMornas or
The well known Crocodile Farm in Pierrelatte.

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